Have Sex; Be Healthy And Happy, Happy, Happy!

Participating in sexual activities is a natural function that makes us not only feel better; it is a very good way to keep our body active and healthy. Many sex studies and experiments have taken place in universities and colleges around the world with a positive outcome:

Did you know people who have sex on a regular basis take less sick days?

Did you know intercourse lowers your systolic blood pressure?

Did you know sex is an exercise burning 5 calories per minute?

Did you know orgasms frequently block pain?

Did you know your risk of prostate cancer lowers significantly if you ejaculate every day?

Did you know sex releases chemicals in the brain that help you sleep better?

In some European countries the day is planned out around their sexual activities, they probably don’t realize it as it’s been going on for as long as they can remember…..tradition. They wake up early, have breakfast with the household members and go to work. Around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, they close up shop for the day and go home for lunch, then sex and a nice long nap. The evenings are spent happily socializing out on the town. It’s a routine of moderation in their work and play. Europeans have always gotten this right.

Americans seem to be a little stuffy about the sex topic; they just weren’t brought up to be open about the subject. You’ve seen the movies where the child is traumatized by having seen their parents in their bed together, on top of each other. Why is this such a terrible event? It’s not.

Our bodies crave sex; we need the touch of another human being in a positive way. We stress too much on the act itself…it takes too long, it doesn’t last long enough. Why are we so picky? The act of sex will be different each time and the same each time, that’s up to each individual. There are many reasons you should turn the negative feelings of sex into positive ones.

Sex brings us closer emotionally and physically to ourselves and the partner. Our stress level is lowered by touch and the sensations we feel during sex, even if we don’t have an orgasm. Being kissed and caressed lovingly sends positive feelings through our body assuring us that this is a good thing.

If your attitude towards sex is that it should only be done when you want to procreate, you need to educate yourself better. Grab a good sex education book and find out the benefits sex creates for your health. Start saying ‘yes’ to your partner more often and instigate some intimate time together. Your relationship will improve along with your everyday outlook on life. That’s what sex does for us…it makes us happy!